My favorite poem is “Song to Myself” by Walt Whitman. In it, he describes how he- and all of us - are not one “thing” but rather contain “the multitudes.” 

I’m inclined to agree. I was born in New York, raised outside Atlanta but currently vacillating between moving into a Brooklyn loft or a Colorado cabin. Over the last five years I’ve pursued a number of ventures, finding success and failure, but always wisdom along the way. 

Professionally, I’ve invested in a clothing company and launched an e-commerce brand. In the last year I’ve built a no loss recycling company from the ground up, taking books destined for landfills and repurposing them. Through that venture we have been able to save over 1 million books. Additionally, we partnered with Books for Africa to build a library in Adidas Ababa, Ethiopia and work with Atlanta public schools to empower students with our city with knowledge to grow and develop. 

Personally, I’ve traveled to over forty countries on five continents, volunteering and capturing stories in the form of documentary film, photography and writing. I’m passionate about vulnerability, and speaking publicly about the challenging issues of mental health, intimacy and faith. 

I’m currently working on addressing those, among other stories, in my first book, “Brave Once More: A Memoir of Expectation” with a planned publication date later this year. You can read more at www.braveoncemore.com 

When I’m not on the road, you can find me in my Brooklyn apartment either reading novels or watching Taylor Swift music videos with Caspian, my tabby. I love stories and I’d love to hear yours, feel free to contact me via the social links below or fill out the form below. 

Courage dear heart,

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